Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Limited

Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Limited is an Organization that awards Technical Training to the younger generation who are awaiting to share their knowledge and make contributions to the Economic Development in Sri Lanka.

As far as the Industrial Development is concerned, we have observed that the lack of modern Technology has been a major issue relating to the Industrial Development of Sri Lanka when comparing with the other developing countries in the world. We are proud to see the achievements Tsukuba Technical Promotions has gained so far by sending Technical trainees to a developed country such as Japan for a most valuable technical training which could not be obtained in Sri Lanka.

Making use of the Modern Technology for the Industrial Development of Sri Lanka has become our primary objective which has already been fulfilled along with sending Technical trainees to Japan. Through this program the Technical trainees who are sent have been able to gain a considerable knowledge with the training and be employed in the Companies in Japan for a period of five years. After equipping with the knowledge and the experience, they are able to return to Sri Lanka and provide their valuable contribution towards Economic Development while developing their careers too.

Our purpose is to train Sri Lankan youth in Japan in technology while they earn. Upon return to Sri Lanka they are able to share the knowledge and also they are able to uplift their living standards.

The Technical trainees are sent to many different fields such as Computer technology, Electronic, Agriculture, Metal etc.. More than 170 trainees have completed their training and returned back to Sri Lanka up to now. There are many undergoing training in Japan and also many are selected for training at present. It had been only male trainees so far.

We are currently considering of providing this opportunity to female technical trainees as well. They will be trained in Agricultural, Electronic & Health care fields. Our next goal is to send more than 5000 trainees to be sent to Japan for training. We would facilitate them to be employed once they return back to Sri Lanka.

The Founder

Mr. Sunil M Gamage was born in Ambalantota in the district of Hambantota in the south of Sri Lanka. He had his primary education in Theraputthabaya Central College in Ambalantota. He studied in Colombo for higher Education and he sat for his Advanced Level Exam in Biology stream. He entered the Open University in Nawala, Colombo and received a Diploma in Business Management in 1985.

He went to Japan in 1989 for higher studies in Tokyo and later became a Professor in HBU University. He also followed a course in Japanese culture & Martial Arts. He studied in SHOTOKAN and mastered KAYOKOSHIN and Japanese Budo.

He worked with famous Toshiba Company and in 1997 and later formed his own business venture Hiroshi Lanka, engaging in vehicle export business from Japan. He made a speedy progress within a short time becoming a prominent businessman for vehicle exports.

He made a valuable service to Sri Lanka in his capacity as the vice – President of Japan- Sri Lanka Friendship Organization. Soon he became famous as a prestigious businessman in Japan and He was appointed as the Japan Consul General in 2008. He extends a great service to the country using this voluntary position making the country proud of his noble service.

He was a pioneer of establishing Japan- Sri Lanka Friendship Cultural Centre in order to achieve massive development between Japan- Sri Lanka trade, Cultural and investment fields in honouring 63 years of diplomatic relationship between Japan & Sri Lanka. It is a great privilege to Sri Lanka to have over 150 memberships of Japanese Businessmen in this trade centre.


Making a notable contribution towards economic development in Sri Lanka by utilizing the foreign technical know how within the Industrial Sector.


Facilitating assistance to the rural youth of our country to undergo advanced technical training in Japan while creating avenues for employment opportunities with in theTechnical Sector in Japan.